Ambiguous Arts offers a wide variety of services – hence the name Ambiguous Arts. Well, ok – that – and it starts with an “A”! That’s important. Really. You can stop laughing now. If you’re looking for quality work at reasonable rates, we hope you’ll consider contacting us at your convenience.

To give you a better idea – here’s a sample of what we’d like to do for you:

Website design, management & hosting

Email newsletter/e-zine creation and mailings

Holiday/greeting e-card design and deployment. (for a better idea of how this works, please take a look here.)

Print design – identity branding/logo creation, paper form design, business cards, letterhead, brochures, etc.

Ad graphics (online and offline)



Online fundraising – particularly for political candidates

We also have an abiding love for 3D design, animation & PC, Video and Online games! Please click on the Learn and Play tabs, at the top of the screen to have a little extra fun and enjoy hanging around!

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